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All our Patchwork Quilts are Hand Quilted by our expert quilters.


Mariners Delight
Queen 93" x 107"

This Center Medallion is an elongated "Mariner's Compass" inside a "Feathered Star". The frame around the Center Medallion is very striking. We used a variety of blues with a tone on tone navy. We have added a touch of off white to enhance the total look. The colour choice along with the quality hand quilting makes this compass very impressive. The binding is the tone on tone Navy print used through out the quilt and the backing is a navy tone on tone print.


Curved Log Cabin
Queen 96" x 108"

Using one large flowered print of pink, mauve ,green and a touch of black set on an off white background makes this a stunning log cabin quilt. The soft curves add movement and a delicate appearance.
The inner border and binding is a tone on tone green print. The backing is a tone on


Stormy Trip


Queen 95" x 104"



A Trip Around The World quilt is done in gradating shades of brown and blue. The depth is carried to the edge by the large piano key bordr. The backing is a tone on tone beige. The quilt is bound in the navy tone on tone print as the inner border


Wedding Promise  
Queen 97" x 99"


A traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern redesigned into a very modern looking quilt. By using shades of brown to beige prints for the background and arranging them from light to dark from the center out,then making the rings in navy and blue prints and arranging them from dark to light from the center out. We end up with a very modern looking quilt that has the appearance of depth.The backing and binding is a  tone on tone brown.


Double Wedding Ring - Large Rings
Queen 87" x 99"

Another traditional wedding ring quilt done in prints from brown to beige.The background fabric is an off white print with four entwined hearts quilted in the center of each circle. The background is a brown tone on tone print and the binding is a brown print found within the quilt.

wedding shadows (2).JPG

Wedding Shadows


Queen 96" x 109"



A different take on the traditional Double Wedding Ring. Adding  lighter blue points to the dark blue rings adds interest, all set on a off white print tone on tone print. The squares on the top and bottom border contain the  blue and brown prints found within the center. The binding is the brown print found within the quilt. The backing is a blue print with black  flowers.

Colonial Lady (2).JPG

Colonial Lady Whole Cloth
Queen 95" x 107"

This Whole Cloth quilt is a reversible quilt with plain off white on one side and a light blue tone on tone print on the other side. The design of the Colonial Lady is made with the quilt stitches along with the border of hearts. The binding is the blue tone on tone print.

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