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All our Patchwork Quilts are Hand Quilted by our expert quilters.

cabin fever.JPG

Cabin Fever
Queen 93" x 116"

A unique quilt of log cabin blocks and stars done in browns, golds and greens. A Striking zig zag border sets this quilt apart from others. The binding is the same tone on tone green as the border . The backing is a plain tone on tone green

Disappearing- Pinwheel.JPG

Disappearing Pinwheel
Queen 94" x 106"

Another beautiful quilt of calico prints with little pinwheels nestled in the middle of each block. A border of pinwheels add to the charm of this quilt. The quilting on the border adds to the swirl of the pinwheels.The binding is the same print as the border pinwheels and the backing is a beige print.


Bargello in the Round


Queen 96" x 107"



A beautiful round bargello done in shades of blue and teal.The round center is squared off with shades of blue to look like rays shooting out from the center. The backing is an off white tone on tone print and is bound in the same navy print as used with in the quilt

autumn wedding (2).JPG

Autumn Wedding


Queen 89" x 101"



A different twist to a traditional Double Wedding Ring. By adding leaves in the center of the rings, changes the whole prespective. The rings and the leaves are made from rich fall colours which adds to it's beauty. The binding is a green print and the backing is a solid green.

Wedding Star .JPG

Wedding Star


Queen 90" x 101"



A beautiful quilt done in rose and green. The stars seem to twinkle throughout the quilt. This is definaltly not the typical
Double Wedding Ring that Grama makes. The binding is a dusty green and the backing is a solid off white

Wedding Blossom.JPG

Wedding Blossom
Queen 91" x 104"

Another twist on the traditional Double Wedding Ring. By placing the burgandy, blue and gold
systematically, you end up with a whole new look.
The backing is an off white with a tan swirl and the binding is gold

DWR Small Ring .JPG

Double Wedding Ring


Queen 94" x 105"


A traditional Double Wedding ring done in prints ranging from burgandy to hunter green. The background is an off white print with a heart quilted in the middle. The binding is hunter green print and the backing is a tone on tone green.


Raise the Roof
Queen 92" x 106"

A combination of Log Cabin blocks and star blocks make up this unique Raise the Roof quilt. Done in shades of brown and beiges. The Piano Key border adds a touch of class to this quilt. The binding is a brown tone on tone print and